Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TelcoTV 2011 Show Summary

The main theme of the show continues to be systems and content for television that is provided over telephone networks.

Key themes at this show:
1. Communication Access Systems
2. Systems Integrators
3. Support Services

1. Advertising Systems
2. Content Production
3. TV Applications Providers
4. Content Clearinghouses (media brokers)

Many of the attendees were from telephone companies. Most telephone companies (Telcos) have some sort of TV service offering. Interviews we had with telephone companies indicated that they feel that the number of telecom based television options and solutions have dramatically increased and improved over the last year. Several of the telephone companies we interviewed are now focusing on expanding their systems and lowering their operational expenses.

System integrators are now focusing more on optimizing IPTV operations than setting up new systems. This involves monitoring and adjusting access networks, better testing, and overall better installation and operations management.

There is a increase in the number of available revenue sources for TelcoTV systems. This includes turning public, educational, and government (PEG) channels from cost centers into a profit centers. Telephone companies seem to finding creative ways to generate revenues including security monitoring services and lifeline services.

A common issue for many telephone companies is that they cannot provide IPTV service to all of their customers because of limited data transmission speeds. In some markets, only 30% of the customer base can access IPTV services. There were several companies that offered services to improve DSL transmission rates such as G.Vector (100 Mbps) and Phantom (up to 1 Gbps).

Some telephone companies are providing local content program guides as a way to make the local broadcaster different. Local content is identified and merged with traditional electronic program guides.

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