Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review - An Older but Still a Good Technical Book on TV Set Top Box – STB Functional Components, Operation, Middleware, and Applications.

There are only a few books that cover set top box functions, operation, and software. This is a bit old but still very good unbiased technical book that covers most technologies and options available for television STBs. The book explains the key components and operation of TV broadcast systems. If you are a software developer and are new to TV systems, the beginning of the book is good for you. It explains the key parts and functions of STB operating systems. It provides a good description of the key steps in developing STB applications. There are many diagrams that help to identify key components and relationships. If you are developing TV set top boxes – STBs, middleware, or television applications, this is a great book to round out your understanding of TV systems and STB operation.

Title: Essential Guide to Digital Set Top Boxes
Author: Gerard O’Driscoll

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