Thursday, May 17, 2012

Smart and Efficient Cloud Distribution for Television Production Content

While companies are starting to believe that cloud computing is a viable option for TV content production, they can get frustrated when they discover that moving large amount of content in and out of the cloud is a major challenge. Richard Heitmann from Aspera explained to me at the NAB show that traditional wide area network – WAN transport methods are not effective for moving the terabytes of television and movie media. Some of the key challenges include transmission delays and inefficient use of leased channels. Content producers and distributors want to directly ingest into cloud systems such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft’s Azure at the fastest rate and least cost method as possible. To enable fast ingestion and distribution, Aspera has created FASP™ transfer technology which provides for faster and more efficient digital media transfer. The system uses data center nodes which are fast access points that can be located near the users. This allows for vendors to have faster access wherever they are located. They can be temporary nodes that offer a flexible workload. It includes a mixture of client options including web, mobile, or embedded solutions for gathering (ingestion), sharing, and collaboration with multiple users and developers. The service is available on demand as a subscription service.

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