Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Full Cloud TV Show Production

Television show production typically involves many people to share content on a mixture of complicated and expensive systems. TV producers now have a new video production choice that allows staff and contractors to produce television programs without having to buy or commit to specific types of media equipment. At the NAB show, David Peto – CEO of AFrame explained to me that they have developed a cloud based video content production system that allows all of the production processes to be performed using hosted systems. This means that TV and video production companies do not need to invest in large production systems and software that can quickly become outdated and incompatible with other formats.

As all forms of video and audio content is produced, it is transferred into the cloud where it can be more effectively identified, edited, and produced. This system includes ingestion, transcoding, tagging, searching, collaborating, and distribution of video assets. The process starts by ingesting media into a cloud storage system that can hold Terabytes of media. The media is automatically converted (transcoded) into forms that make it easy for collaborators (editors, graphic artists, special effects) to playout and collaborate on production. An important capability includes identification and tagging (including timecode tagging) of content that allows the media to be easily searched and organized for editing. Teams can be setup for collaboration. After the program is produced, sharing and distributing the content is simple. Most of the services can be accessed through the Internet. AFrame has setup locations where large file transfers can be performed.


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