Friday, December 7, 2012

Automating IPTV Home Wi-Fi Quality of Service Management

IPTV systems that use home Wi-Fi distribution systems that are not properly configured can have poor performance resulting in poor quality of service and costly trouble call tickets. Jerome Joanny, Vice President of Production Management with ASSIA explained to me at the TelcoTV trade show that ASSIA created the Expresse Wi-Fi management system which provides real time monitoring of connectivity, throughput, and latency on a per device basis to solve this challenge. It uses an intelligent software client that is installed in the access point which can gather long term system information, identify poor coverage areas, congestion points, and analyze traffic patterns. The system can recommend the addition of supplementary access points to solve congestion and/or coverage issues challenges. It allows for remote troubleshooting, and provide for proactive repair using an ASSIA patented and proprietary layered diagnostic optimization processes. It is a cloud based system so it is hardware neutral allowing any IPTV service provider to use the system.

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