Monday, December 17, 2012

How Small to Mid-Size Telephone Companies Can Maintain and Repair IPTV Systems

Keeping IPTV systems operating can be a very difficult task for small to medium size telephone companies. Marc Hayden, Executive Vice President of CHR Solutions explained to me at the TelcoTV trade show that there are many skills needed to setup, maintain, and repair IPTV systems. In addition to the technical and operational issues, there are a mix of regulatory and business issues that need to be understood and managed. Small to mid size telephone companies have a limited number of staff and their experience and skills are focused on standard telephone services. The solution is to use business process outsourcing – BPO to provide IPTV managed service support and training to assist existing telephone company staff. This can range from using an external network operations center – NOC for support to choosing a mix of support services such as business analysis, technology reviews, engineering analysis, managed services (white label cloud or MPLS).

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