Friday, May 24, 2013

Simpler, Faster, and Lower Cost Transfer of TV and Video Program Files

TV and video file compression and transfer of media files tend to have a high cost for broadcasters and video production facilities. Jacob Bronson from Brevity explained to me at the NAB show that it is possible to simplify transcoding and media transfer workflows while reducing cost. Program file distribution commonly use separate tools which may requires manual setup processes. While automated workflows can simplify the setup, they may not reduce the conversion and transport costs. As the size of video files continues to dramatically increase with higher resolution HD, 2k, 4k, and other resolution formats, conversion and transport costs will continue to increase. What is needed is an accelerated transport process (reduces time and cost), frame rate conversion (multiple distribution formats), and a project tracking system that uses open web service APIs. To solve this issue, Brevity developed the Pipelined" packet-based multi-point transport and transcode protocol (MTT). Brevity's media asset management tools use the MTT protocol to provide single step transcoding 'on the wire transporting encrypted files over broadband networks with simultaneous delivery of video in multiple formats and wrappers.

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