Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Create Reliable TV Broadcast System Design with Multi-Protocol Networks

Broadcasters are expanding their networks through new systems which use different types technology and processes. Brian Morris from Globecomm explained to me at the NAB show that interconnecting to other networks can be easy when compared to designing an integrated network that is reliable. A network that has reliability issues can be deadly during a sports game. If your network were to fail or have glitches in the middle of the World Cup or Superbowl, what would happen to your company (and possibly your job). Reliability issues can occur from not understanding the combined transmission and distribution distortions and delays that occur over multiple networks. What is needed is analyze multiple systems, select the correct protocols, and deploy management systems that can monitor and adjust networks as changes occur. GlobeComm systems as a team of network designers that have experience with multiple types of networks who can do a network assessment.

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