Thursday, October 31, 2013

Effective Local TV Broadcaster Ad Sales Systems

Having an effective TV Advertising sales and billing system can mean the difference of profitability or losses for a local TV broadcasters. Dan Ryan and Ray Dowdle from Ad Gorilla explained to me at the TelcoVision trade show that local TV broadcasters can dramatically influence their TV advertising sales revenue by having an effective sales management system. Local TV broadcasters may want to do their own sales or outsource some or all of the sales process. Important parts of a TV Ad sales system should include ad sales training, communication management (CRM), cross channel marketing, spot management, and political and regulatory compliance. To solve this challenge, AdGorilla has created the AdGorilla FUEL TV Advertising sales system. It can be rapidly setup, has quick TV Ad sales management processes, and is compatible with multiple types of TV ad insertion equipment (including AdGorilla SSP(tm).

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