Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ultra Broadband Access for IPTV from 4G Wireless - 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps Low Cost

The availability of ultra broadband (10 Mbps+) Internet access at low cost enables competition for over the top television (OTT) providers. 

While DSL and cable TV access providers may be feeling the pressure to increase access costs to reduce competition with OTT competitors such as NetFlix, competing broadband access services are offering faster data at lower costs. Emerging ultra broadband providers will likely offer increased data transmission rates at lower costs.

Ultra broadband access can be achieved using DSL, cable modem, fiber, powerline and wireless broadband. The transmission rates of each of these access networks are increasing through the use of more efficient transmission technologies.

Mobile telephone systems are evolving into new types of TV distribution systems. During an interview at the IBC Show, David Price from Ericsson explained that LTE mobile communications systems have evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service (eMBMS), allowing existing LTE mobile systems to provide broadcast television services.

4G LTE mobile telephone systems also have the capability of spatial division multiple access (SDMA), allowing a tower to direct a single 100 Mbps radio frequency channel to multiple locations. This allows LTE mobile systems to offer both TV broadcast services and efficient on-demand services. The fact that more than five key ultra broadband access systems are competing means more data at lower cost.

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