Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cloud Based Professional Television Quality Video Editing and Management

Television and professional video editors and producers need good tools with the latest features to produce better content in less time at reduced costs. Ron Yekutiel, CEO of Kaltura explained to me at the NAB Show Stoppers event that cloud based video content production can be a good solution for many types of professional video content.

TV and professional video production can be painful and costly to produce and hard to access and coordinate. A cloud based solution can simplify the management of media library (video, images, and audio) regardless of the content size. It can be accessed anywhere through the management console. Ron discussed that a good cloud based production system allows for advanced content metadata tagging allowing editors and producers to search by categories, cue points, and other key criteria.

Some other key requirements for professional video production include creating cue points and workflow collaboration. Cue points should allow chaptering, related file display, and timed advertisements. Collaborative workflows should permit content review before it is published to eliminate spam and abusive content in UGC portals for editorial team roles with different access authorizations.

For more information about Kaltura video editing and publishing system, go to: Katura Video Management

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