Friday, May 16, 2014

Digital Cinema Web Based Key Management and Reporting

Screenshot Qube Cinema KeySmit Key ManagementDistributing and protecting digital movie content for theaters is required to get premium movie content. Eric Bergez from Qube Cinema explained to me at the NAB show that movie theater key management involves the dynamic assignment and use of keys which is a complicated and financially important process. Without a good key management system, cinema owners may not be able to get movies they want, know what movies are available to show, or the projection of movies may be blocked. To overcome this challenge, Qube Cinema has developed a web based key management system KeySmith.

The KeySmith system includes a Content Database, Sites and Screens Database, Server Database, Content Key (KDM) Generation and Reporting. The KeySmith system has detailed reporting capabilities, maintains all audit-trails and can enforce multi-point authorizations for all key requests. To manage the system, theaters owners & operators only need a simple web based system to manage movie content. To see more information about the KeySmith cinema key management system, go to: KeySmith System -

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