Saturday, May 17, 2014

Television Commerce (T-Commerce) Platform Enables eCommerce Shopping on TV

TV service providers can generate significant new revenues by shifting eCommerce to television commerce (T-Commerce). During my interview with Pedro Pinto from InnoWave Technologies at the IBC show, he explained that TV broadcasters are facing new competition and higher content costs. They need new ways to generate revenues and to provide value to customers or they can suffer significant customer churn and financial losses. To help solve this challenge, InnoWave has developed the yubuy® platform that enables existing broadcasters (cable, DTT, IPTV, and others) to provide eCommerce services on their existing TV broadcast systems (linear and switched video).

The yubuy platform allows consumers to directly buy products and services from their a TV store The yubuy system is integrated with television network to enable Immediate click-to-buy process.

InnoWave has developed a TV optimized user experience which is integrated with social networks (Facebook and Twitter). Advertising and products are selected and presented using Client profile information. It also allows for scheduling and delivery to preferred or alternate addresses. The profiling process enables effective cross-selling for other products.

The yubuy T-Commerce system is a revenue sharing business model with a flexible payment gateway that allows multiple payment types. It is setup as a cloud service allowing it to be compatible over any TV broadcaster's platform.

To see more information about the InnoWave YuBuy T-Commerce system, visit: InnoWave YuBuy Platform

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