Monday, August 18, 2014

TV Personalization with Social Media Creates Sticky Viewers and Promotion Evangelists

Photo of Vidmind Social TV Platform
TV service providers need to find new ways to keep customers and more effectively promote their programs. During my interview with Danny Peled, CEO of Vidmind, he explained that social TV personalization enables users to curate, share, like, check-in to and chat about video content. This makes viewer experiences more relative and engaging and provide TV service providers with more sticky customers who share and amplify their TV content promotion efforts. To enable social TV, Vidmind created Twister, a white label cloud based solution allowing TV broadcasters to customize it and offer unique viewing experiences. Twister currently connects with Twitter, Facebook and and can be easily integrated with other social networks. In addition to improving viewing experiences, the usage statistics can be fed into the Vidmind CloudSeed recommendation engine, allowing users to enjoy recommendations based on the collective preferences of their social network. To see more information on VidMinds Social TV platform, go to: Vidmind Cloud TV

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