Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NAB 2015 Key Hightlights/Trends

During my company interviews at NAB 2015, three words/products appear everywhere:
* Drones
* Cloud

The NAB show attendance grew over 5% as a result of the dramatic expansion into Internet TV produts and services. Perhaps NAB should now be called National Association of Broadbanders!

NAB 2015 Key Highlights/Trends:

1. Drones - every hall - simple stable location control - can do patterns - better cameras/gimbals.

2. Cloud - everything moving to the cloud - TV systems are becoming servers with specialized software

3. Over the Top (OTT) television - industry moving to Internet TV systems

4. Remote TV Production - reliable feeds using the public Internet to centralized control facilities

5. Cloud Video Switching - IP based switchers allowing multiple people to control camera, audio, feeds, etc.

6. Social TV - integration of contributed and live content from viewers into TV programs

7. Hyper Personalization - program guides that learn what you like and where you like to get it


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