Thursday, June 22, 2017

Internet TV Plus Podcast - How to Select, Setup, and Run Streaming TV Systems and Services

Internet TV Plus podcast covers emerging television tech and business solutions to help TV tech and business professionals to setup and run online TV production and distribution systems. In addition to learning cool stuff like interactive holograms that you can feel (yes, this is for real) you will also discover new things you can do to improve your company, product, or job.

TV and Movie Industry in Rapid Change Mode

We created this podcast because the TV and film industry is shift from Broadcast TV shifting from broadcast to to video streaming. 

Overwhelmed? - it seems each day there is a new TV technology, service, acronym, or other information that is dramatically changing your business or job.

Formats: - Apps, Video, Audio, Slides, and Other Formats

Many of our sessions are available in several types of media formats. Available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and in Video, Audio, Slide, and other Formats.

Audience: - Tech, Broadcasters, Producers, and Professionals

Podcast Topics:

- Internet TV Hosting - Streaming TV platforms and how to manage

- Equipment Options - Content Storage, Streaming Servers

- Online TV Marketplace Distribution - How to get on NetFlix, Roku, AppleTV, and others.

- Internet TV Distribution Services - get to online video marketplaces

- New breed of Internet TV service distribution providers
- Streaming Media Content Licensing
- Connected TV Advertising - Dynamic ad Insertion, 3rd Party Audience Data
- Television Commerce (T-Commerce) - direct sales, revenue sharing
- Social TV - 2nd screen, back channels, interactive media, content personalization
- Online TV Billing & Mediation - payment processing, customer care
- Cloud and IP Production Systems - no production equipment option!
- Collaborative Workflow - global teams who participate in the creative and production
- Automated Production - remote video switching to special effects
- Other “How-To” Focused Internet TV Topics

Guests: Experienced Experts with Solution Information

We invite guests who have real experience and useful information they are willing to share. 

If you or someone you know wants to be a guest, please email me at

Internet TV Plus Resources: - Dictionaries, Guides, and Directories

Internet TV Dictionary -

Internet TV Plus Host: - Lawrence Harte -

Lawrence Harte is a tech media evangelist who has a passion for discovering, learning, and explaining how to implement new TV technologies and services. Founder of 4 industry magazines, tech and business school, and over a dozen conferences. From 2005 to 2017, he interviewed over 3800 TV tech and business companies. He helps companies to design and setup TV systems, has been part of the production crew for movies and TV shows, and is an expert consultant for Google TV, Samsung, and other leading companies.

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