Friday, June 23, 2017

Rapid OTT Deployment - Streaming TV Platform Key Requirements, Features, and Options

Broadcasters and content owners want to rapidly set up systems to offer their channels and programs online with multiple customer revenue-producing features. During my interview with  Sam Orton-Jay, Sales and Marketing Director at Simplestream, he explained that Internet TV streaming systems have traditionally been both complicated and time consuming to set up, with a need for constant updates to support many types of viewing devices. Flexibility to manage built-in features that can generate revenue and keep subscribers happy are also very important. To address this, Simplestream built its Cloud TV platform that enables rapid setup and deployment of Over The Top (OTT) Live and VOD streaming services. Companies can upload their media, define their services, and manage their subscribers without the need to purchase, setup, or install equipment. To get more information about Cloud TV Platform, go to: Simplestream

Listen to Audio That Explains Rapid OTT Deployment:

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