Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Predictive TV Subscriber Churn Reduction

TV service providers need cost effective ways to manage customer retention and recovery. During my interview with Chris Welsh from MPP Global at the IBC show, he explained that voluntary subscription churn can typically be reduced by over 60% or more. To do this, TV service providers need to identify churn candidates in enough time before they leave so they can be provided with help and/or offers that motivate them to stay. The indicators customers may churn can range from being unable to process a credit card for payment (expired information) to changing customer usage patterns. It is possible to identify 1-2 months in advance when permits taking actions to motivate customer to stay such as offering free program viewing incentives (gets customer to start viewing again) or special discount offers. To solve the TV subscriber churn challenge, MPP created an esuite retention recovery system that identifies, analyzes, communicates with subscribers, and manages TV subscription churn. To find out more information, go to eSuite MPP Customer Retention and Recovery.

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