Monday, October 15, 2018

Video Enrichment by IBM Watson Media Increases Video Value and Enhances Viewer Engagement

Video producers and editors need better ways to discover and enrich video using less staff and more ways to add engagement value. Hillary Henderson, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Management at IBM Watson Media and Cloud Video, explained to me during the IBC show that existing video editing and production systems can require many steps and people to find, tag, and use valuable video media content. To solve this challenge, IBM has developed a Video Enrichment, a technology that can analyze audio, text, and visual media to identify and tag value elements. Because Video Enrichment is based on cognitive recognition and deep learning capabilities, it is possible to add and associate deep metadata with video content. This make the rich media more searchable, selectable, and usable.

For more information about Video Enrichment and how it can be used to enrich your media, visit IBM Watson Media

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