Monday, April 22, 2019

Brandable, Customizable, and Scalable OTT Platform with SVOD and AVOD

Broadcasters and OTT service providers need to setup run streaming platforms that can serve many types of devices, with subscription and/or advertising business models at capacity needs that can rapidly change. Jim O’Neill, principal industry analyst at Brightcove explained to me during the NAB show that OTT platforms can have difficulty supporting multiple types of devices with varying screen sizes, have complicated ingestion and media reformatting processes, and may have difficulty delivery reliable quality viewing experiences during periods of high stream viewing demands. To solve this challenge, Brightcove has developed an end to end OTT platform that uses apps and an HTML5 browser that can deliver services to all types of viewing devices, can provide and optimize subscription video on demand (SVOD) & advertising on demand (AVOD) services, and the system has been designed to provide capacity when required.
For more information about the brandable, customizable, and scalable Brightcove OTT Platform, visit Brightcove OTT Platform Solution

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