Friday, May 31, 2019

Adding New Cross-Media Advertising Revenue to TV Broadcast and OTT Systems

TV broadcasters and OTT service providers can add new revenues by selling advertising services on multiple platforms. During my interview with Taras Bugir, President of Decentrix, he explained that having an integrated ad management platform can enable television service providers to sell video and digital ads across cross-media platforms. Taras discussed that ad inventory management automation and optimization is critical to ad targeting, insertion, and campaign optimization. Having an integrated ad management system allows for better media analytics which allows for ad inventory capacity forecasting, sellouts, and can manage pricing based on real time ad insertion demands. Multi-platform ad management systems enable TV broadcasters and OTT service to setup and manage cross-platform campaigns which allows them to sell digital advertising to existing and new advertising clients. To get more information on how to do cross-media-sales-channels, visit Decentrix

To listen to Taras Bugir's podcast interview where he explains how multi-platform advertising works, key options, and typical results, visit: Multi-Platform Advertising

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