Friday, June 7, 2019

Fast Virtual TV Channel Creation - Mix and Match Live and Stored Content

Creating good TV channel content can be expensive, slow, and may lose value if delayed. During my interview with Johan Bolin, CTO of Edgeware, he explained that TV Broadcasters and OTT service providers need to create better content, faster, and at low cost to better compete with other TV service providers. Traditional production systems involve multiple steps and processes that require multiple systems and services. To solve this challenge, Edgeware expanded its content capturing, video production, and packaging platform to enable media companies to rapidly mix live and stored content to create new virtual channels. In addition to saving time and cost, it also allows TV service providers to get to viewers first maximizing the value of live content. To get a guide on how to mix and match live and stored content to create new virtual channels, visit Edgeware Virtual TV Channel Production

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