Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Inappropriate Content Recognition (ICR) for Broadcasters and OTT using Video AI

Reviewing movies, tv shows, and video to detect inappropriate content is time consuming, costly, and can have compliance penalties of not done well. During my interview with Mika Rautiainen, CEO of Valossa, he explained to me that broadcasters, OTT service providers, and media distributors need a highly accurate content moderation solution that can detect sensual and explicit nudity, sex, violence, accidents, substance use, bad language, and other undesired or prohibited content elements. Using human reviewers is time consuming, costly, and can have errors that result in compliance fines. Mika described how video AI can provide a better, faster, and more accurate way to identify, time tag, and assist in the editing of video content. He also discussed how it is possible to tailor and adapt video AI recognition models to specific content allowances and regulatory requirements. To learn how video artificial intelligence (Video AI) can provide faster, more reliable, and lower cost ways to detect and correct inappropriate content, go to Valossa Video AI.

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