Monday, June 10, 2019

New Revenues for Local TV Channels Delivered by OTT Systems

Many television viewers want to watch their local TV channels through the Internet and local TV broadcasters want to reach more viewers and earn more money. During my interview with Jim Long, CEO of LocalBTV, he explained to me that virtual over the air (VOTA) television services can stream local TV channels, do local ad replacement to earn revenues, and provide advanced navigation features such as DVR to viewers. The ad revenues can be split between local broadcasters, network affiliates, and other content providers. Jim explained that VOTA systems can use IP geofencing to limit viewing to defined areas defined by content licensing agreements. The local TV freemium ad supported television viewing model could be supplemented or upsold to SVOD and TVOD services. To learn more and see a demo of how the virtual over the air systems works, visit LocalBTV

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