Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Open Source, Reliable, and Customizable Full Feature SRT Internet Streaming Protocol

Broadcasters want Internet streaming services that are low cost, reliable, and have advanced features that can be customized. During my interview with Peter Maag, CMO of Haivision, he shared with me that Internet streaming for OTT systems can be expensive, have quality challenges, and be hard to customize. To solve this challenge, Haivision developed and launched the streaming reliable transport (SRT) protocol. SRT is an open standard which defines requirements, formats, and processes that allow all users to use and modify their system. Because it is an open standard, improvements made by its users are shared allowing the systems to continually improve. SRT optimizes streaming performance across the Internet with secure streams, works through firewalls, and provides reliable quality live video over varying delays and bandwidth conditions. The SRT open source project is open to all contributors and is managed and supported by the SRT Alliance.

To find out more about open source streaming technology and implementation, visit Haivision SRT

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