Tuesday, June 4, 2019

OTT Shopping Carts - Adding eCommerce to Streaming TV Services

Image of TV with Shopping Cart
Broadcasters and OTT service providers can add shopping carts to their platforms allowing viewers to purchase products and services using their existing TVs and access devices. During my interview with Ankit Pandey, Head of Business Development with Muvi, he explained that OTT shopping channels with TV shopping carts can add significant service revenues and be a way to develop long term customer value. Adding shopping channels and order processing carts to TV systems requires integration between TV systems, order processing platforms, and need to be setup to work with many types of television devices and accessories. TV systems can be upgraded to include TV shopping carts that can use existing devices and controls to find, order, and pay for products directly through the TV system. For more information about how to setup a TV shopping cart, visit Muvi Kart

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