Sunday, December 20, 2009

Automatic TV Viewer Identification

While TV systems may be able to better select and deliver ads to specific homes, more than one person may share the same television within the home. To be very effective for targeted advertising, TV broadcasting systems should identify the viewer (or at least their profile) who is watching the television.
Viewers may be unwilling to identify themselves each time the start watching the television. For example, if a husband gives his wife the remote control, she may begin to change channels and may not consider selecting a new profile from a user menu.

To overcome this challenge, an automatic TV viewer identification system has been developed - see patent US7260823. This system uses the viewing patters of each user to determine which user (or which profile) is currently watching the television. Once the device (such as a set top box) has identified a new user, it can send a message to the headend of the TV broadcasting system identifying which profile is now watching the TV and more targeted ads can be selected.

You can read the full article in IPTV Magazine:

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