Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Internet TV - Research Report on Consumer Interest in Over the Top Content

In a recent research report, Instat research assessed that 37% of customers are extremely interested in over the top content. The result of this research reminds me about the results of research performed for ATT indicating the market demand for cellular telephones. When cellular telephones were first introduced, many consumers did not perceive a need for the mobile telephones. The research explained that the market for mobile telephones would not exceed 1 million telephones by the year 2000!

Over the top TV is not about technology, it is about content. The success of Youtube, Facebook, and other content sites demonstrates that consumers have an insatiable interest in content that relates to them. I’ve been interviewing companies that provide TV content over the top content (such as NeuLion, Wherever TV). The trends indicate a dramatic growth in specialized content and over the top seems to be one of the best ways to deliver it.

Instat Research on Consumer interest in Over the Top Content

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