Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Mobile Video Advertising Has Become a High Audience Engagement Option for Businesses

Marketing managers have to choose which advertising programs for their resource and their choice should be based on current and future performance.

One key reason for mobile video advertising getting a jump start on other mediums is the number of mobile users increasing. According to a study from Oracle, 43 percent of mobile users have swapped their cameras for a mobile device.

Many companies are opting to use mobile video advertising because of the diverse options available: interactive in-stream video, which is a video ad played before content; interactive pre-roll, video ad played within content (similar to a commercial); and tap to interactive video, a video ad played after a consumer taps a banner. The click through rate for buttons for interactive in-stream video ads is much higher than other advertising options. InsightExpress found that mobile ads create twice the brand awareness as online video advertising.

Mobile video advertising has good performance now and the results will get even better over the next few years.


  1. So the personalized nature of mobile video has a higher influence on viewers, right?

  2. It has to be a real lucrative business now, considering how video production companies in los angeles or new york have been putting a lot of effort in making these mobile ads work.