Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Automatic Video Switching Production System - MEVO

Automated video switching allows for lower cost production and higher quality production for novice producers (a growing trend) without costly switching systems or training. During my interview with Jesse Hertzberg, CEO of Livestream at the NAB show, he explained that producing good live video at events needs multiple shots which need to switch and pan. The event production team may not have or be able to provide skilled camera operators to make this happen.
To solve this challenge, Livestream developed the MEVO Automatic Production Switcher. MEVO is an automatic 4k switcher production system that uses one 4k wide screen camera is used to create shot views that are focused on faces or objects. The system uses facial and object identification to identify potential shot views. After a shot has been selected (manually by touch screen or automatically by facial/object recognition), the software tracks the object. As the person or object moves, the shot view pans with them.  
In automatic mode, the shot views will be directed to the person who is talking (like videoconferencing.) Long talking sessions result in automatic shot changes (narrow to wide view) to maintain high production value. To get more information on MEVO, go to Get MEVO

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