Friday, January 8, 2010

Important IPTV News Stories

To help IPTV industry professionals to keep up with important issues without spending many hours reviewing low value press releases, our IPTV Magazine expert editors review hundreds of press releases and select and publish 6 to 10 important news stores each month. These news stores do include key changes in industry standards, new technology solutions, key market analysis and statistics, and other information that solves IPTV industry problems or identifies new revenue opportunities. They do not usually contain announcements of new sales jobs, winning contracts, or the opening of new sales offices.

We classify IPTV Magazine as a “What How” publication that focuses on What is the Problem, and How do you Solve it. There are other publications are “Who Now” that explain which companies are doing new things.

If you want a summary of the key news stories, you can get the latest key IPTV news stories each month at:

IPTV Magazine News Summary

If you want to keep up IPTV news events, some excellent IPTV news publications include:

Fierce IPTV

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