Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Deploy VOD in Multiple System and Platform Types – Standardizing On Demand

Adding video on demand capabilities to existing systems can be complicated. Roy Kirsopp from Vidiom at the IBC trade show explained that deploying VOD on existing TV systems using IP can speed up, simplify, and enable new revenue generating services. This can be very helpful to smaller broadcasters or private TV systems (such as hotels) which may have systems that cannot be easily (or cost effectively) upgraded. The challenge can be complicated when a broadcaster or operator owns multiple systems and platforms from different manufacturers which exist in different geographic locations. To add VOD capability, a service delivery platform (SDP) is setup on the service side and client software is located in the STB. Because the systems are based on IP, integration becomes more standardized. The new VOD services can allow for push VOD. Interactive VOD trailers can be provided directly to a VOD asset without modifying the user’s menu system. The availability of VOD increases impulse purchases of on demand media.

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