Sunday, October 10, 2010

Industry Standards for TV Widgets

TV applications (TV Widgets) can only provide high value for viewers, broadcasters, and companies if they can work on your device. Pal Unanue-Zahl from Opera described to me at the IBC trade show that TV Widgets may work on many types of devices such as STBs, connected TVs, blue ray players, and gaming consoles. Examples of TV Widgets include on demand players (such as NetFlix, Vudu), social media applications (such as Facebook and Myspace), and thousands of other applications. Unfortunately, there are several incompatible formats for TV Widgets. Some of the TV Widget platforms include Yahoo, eBIF (CableTV), JavaScript, and a mix of unique specifications from TV manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony. To solve this challenge, the TV broadcaster, TV Widget distributor, and media players may need to process or provide Widgets in multiple versions. While this multiple version solution works now, a better solution would be to use an industry standard format for TV Widgets.

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