Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Home Media Gateway Requirements for IPTV Over DSL – Allowing Carriers to Discover, Connect, and Configure Devices in the Home.

Telephone companies can solve their bandwidth and home network challenges by using smarter home media gateways. David Thompson from Zyxel explained to me at TelcoTV that telephone companies need to provide rich media services (such as IPTV and OTT streaming video) to keep customers and their existing systems may not be enough to provide for the new types of devices in the digital home. DSL modems can be designed to function as home gateways providing the service provider with the ability to discover, connect, and configure devices within the home. VDSL2 modems are now capable of 100 Mbps downstream data rates and 45 Mbps upstream data rates. They can include quality of service (QoS) capability to better manage a mixture of voice, data, and video services. To control devices within the home, the gateway can use the TR 69 industry standard which defines how remote configuration, monitoring, and control can be performed. This capability can dramatically reduce the need to dispatch costly installers and technicians.

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