Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Click Internet TV Broadcasting

Setting up a broadcast connection has been complicated until now. Raj Jaswa from Dyyno demonstrated to me the EZ Grabber device that setting up a broadcast can be as simple as one click. All that is necessary is a camera (camcorder), capture device (EZ Grabber), computer (laptop), and access to the Internet that can connect to your broadcast service account. Just point the camera at your event (such as a seminar, meeting, or sport event), click on the EZ broadcaster, and you can be streaming live to multiple broadcast channels. The EZ Grabber device can use composite or S-video inputs and converts and connects the video to the USB port on a computer. The broadcast service can stream to multiple places including YouTube, Roku, Customized Portals (players), and other channels. The system was designed to enable the promotion of broadcasts by promoting the broadcast on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. EZ grabber looks really nice. Where can I find the price of the IPTV broadcasting software?

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