Monday, February 14, 2011

Simple to Use Desktop Wi-Fi Internet TV and Radio Media Player

Many consumers can now enjoy a media player that can be located on a desktop, is simple to setup, and easy to use. Joseph Wang from Lookee TV demonstrated a Wi-Fi media player to me at the CES show that was ready to use with access to over 2000 TV and 3000 Internet radio channels. After the desktop media player is connected to a WiFi connection, it is ready to use. The media player provides an easy to use navigation display which can categorize channels and programs based on language, location (region), and genre. Media content that is provided (streamed) through the Internet is at no cost to the user (no subscription fees). Users can also play user media from an SD card, USB connection, or other media that is transferred (uploaded) from a computer. It includes universal plug and play (UPnP) capability which allows other devices on the Wi-Fi network to discover and connect with it. It has a TV output function allowing the device to be connected to standard home televisions. When not in use, the desktop media player can be used as a picture frame while being used as an Internet radio for background music.

The media player can also be setup to select and play podcasts that can include daily news, sports, technology, and weather.

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