Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hosted Interactive TV Application Development Platform – Ready to Use Development System

Choosing the right interactive platform for TV broadcasters can critically influence the success and survival of TV broadcasters. Matjaz Bevk from BeeSmart explained to me during the OTTCon show that having a ready to use development system allows TV broadcasters to rapidly develop and deploy interactive services. The hosted interactive TV application development platform created by BeeSmart enables broadcasters or development companies to create interactive applications over a broadcast network (cable TV, IPTV, and other network types) with minimal network upgrades. New interactive apps can add high profit margin services and increase average revenue per user – ARPU. The BeeSRM system enables the broadcast operator to deliver interactive content over the existing network communication channels (such as DVB-C). The BeeSRM is compatible with the Cable Labs standard for modular headend architectures allow for its use on broadcast systems that use different headend equipment manufacturers.


  1. Guyz at http://nangu.tv are doing something very similar. They even have fully working OTT (over-the-top) solution including adaptive-streaming STB support.

  2. BeeSmart platform can be utilized by several players in TV industry (TV operators, content providers, service development companies). Its interactivity covers such a range of services and features that will address the needs of any type of TV provider. Finally, its mobility gives a new dimension to its independence by being able to carry TV service everywhere, anytime.
    I am writing a blog about the speed of IPTV development and the atmosphere inside BeeSmart. You can track changes and updates at BeeSmart at: http://blog.beesmart.tv/