Friday, May 18, 2012

Key TV Production Teleprompter Features

News and other live television production systems commonly rely on teleprompting systems. Brian Larter from Autoscript explained to me at the NAB show that there is a lot more to teleprompters than a simple text display. While a simple iPad heads up display may be good for a simple Youtube video, some important features for teleprompters for professional production include daylight readable, small, light, and quick packable equipment, and to get power from camera battery pack. Other features include playout navigation and control capability, camera cue lights to indicate teleprompter status, and whisper fans (silent) so no whirring in camera. Most teleprompters use video allowing for the good playout control (speed up/down, FWD, REV, and jump to new segment). Teleprompter systems need to have software that can integrate with newsroom system. Some teleprompters include a clock that allows the user to do a time check. For public speaking events, dual display teleprompters may be used to allow the speaker to look left and right so it looks more natural. There is a lot more to teleprompters than a pretty display!

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