Monday, August 21, 2017

Virtual Streaming TV Content Distribution - Reducing Stream Bandwidth 90%+ Using Viewer Relaying

StreamUnlimited Virtual Streaming System

Online TV service providers want to reduce streaming bandwidth costs while increasing their peak stream transfer capacity. During my interview with Ron Van Herk
from Cybermedia Television, he explained that streaming TV bandwidth cost can be high and the trend is that more bandwidth is needed for higher resolution. Higher peak bandwidths are also needed for dynamically changing media compression levels. To solve this challenge, Cybermedia Television created a virtual streaming content distribution CDN system that uses each viewer to retransmit their streaming video media dramatically reducing the OTT service provide bandwidth requirements.

The technology is based on P2P technology; users share (upstream) bandwidth with their closest and most convenient concurrent user (the other “PEER” ). The more users, the more bandwidth to share. This P2P principle has huge advantages regarding capacity and costs, which is getting very relevant in case of e.g. live events.
- Efficient use of bandwidth capacity, based on P2P technology
- Constant high video quality (NO adaptive bandwidth selection)
- Sharing content via user upstream capacity
- Saving up to 90 % capacity & costs
- Servicing unlimited concurrent users
- Live stream and VOD stream
- Clients; TV, PC (pc/mac/linux), Smart Phone & Tablet ( IOS, Android, Windows, Symbian)
- Management CMS included

To get more information about Virtual Streaming TV Content Distribution go to: Virtual Streaming System

To Hear about Virtual TV and Video Streaming, Listen to:

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