Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adding Visual Tags to Video Content to Enable New Services

A new revenue generation opportunity for TV broadcasters is to ad visual icons to media that identify to the viewer that there is additional information (and value) available within video. When the viewer selects the icons (with a remote control or pointing device), new windows or menus appear providing the viewer with new choices which also provide broadcasters or advertisers with new revenue generating opportunities. These new revenue sources include advertising revenue that is generated from extended viewing time (more ads are provided) to television commerce options (buying products displayed in the videos). During my interview with Bob Saffari from Mozaik at NAB 2010 trade show, he explained that the icons can be displayed or hidden. To enable the viewer to enjoy the program without icons blocking the view, Mozaik developed screen bookmarking which allows the viewer to return to a saved scene location, begin replay, and then turn on the visual tags so they can access the additional content and features.

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