Thursday, September 23, 2010

Open TV Middleware Enables Customization and Advanced Services

The choice of middleware software for television systems (TV middleware) can dramatically affect the ability of the system operator to customize and provide advanced services. Mauro Bonomi from Minerva Networks explained to me during the Set Top Box 2010 conference that some TV middleware systems can lock a TV broadcaster’s system into offering only a limited number of features and services. By providing TV middleware that is based on open industry standards, this allows for the customization and extension of TV systems to offer advanced services and applications such as branded EPGs and TV widgets. More features and services means increased revenue and entices customers to stay (“sticky customers”). It also allows smaller TV broadcasters to offer services that are similar or even better than much bigger TV broadcasters.

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  1. Did you realize that your headline makes your note appear to be about Open TV, a Kudelski Group company, rather than Minerva?