Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Provide Media Connectivity to Multiple Types of Video Devices

It is becoming more difficult to provide mulitimedia services (such as mobile video or IPTV) to customers because they expect to access the content on multiple types of devices. Ben Troung from Smith Micro explained to me during the TelcoTV show having a system that can identify and mange the capabilities of devices offers the potential for operators to maximize revenue potential and reduce support costs. To help solve this challenge, Smith Micro created the Vidio clientless solution that can automatically adapt video for different types of devices and media players. The Vidio product is actually a backend server that is able used to deliver video content to a multitude of different devices, such as IPTV set top boxes. Because it is a clientless solution, there’s no need to manage the device on the client side. When a link for video content is selected, information about the device is sent to the Vidio platform and from that, we can determine things like the device’s media player, the best resolution, the best bit rate, the best format, etc. This really simplifies the delivery method for the end users as they are automatically given the right video for their device, whether it is a set top box, desktop pc, mobile smartphone, or tablet. To get more information go to:

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