Friday, July 29, 2011

Real Time TV and Video Content Acquisition, Channel Management, and Publishing using Smartphones

TV broadcasters are getting content from new sources, creating more channels, and publishing them on multiple platforms. Guillaume d’Azamar de Fabregues from SGT explained to me at the NAB trade show that it is becoming more important for TV broadcasters to be able to capture and manage the production and broadcasting workflow in real time at any location. He explained that broadcasters need a new generation of media asset management – MAM. They need a system that allows them to remotely check play lists, playouts, over incidents in real time using mobile devices such as the i-Phone. It needs to allow both skilled and non-technical users to rapidly find and control information they need. Some of the key modules include browsing and cataloging, quality check, content checking, identification, marketing & validation, search and retrieve, and a speech-to-text module. The system should seamlessly integrate into the existing system environment allowing staff and contractors to visualize playlists, playouts, and feedback to possible incidents via remote access devices such as smartphones.

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