Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Network Based Audio System Simplifies TV and Film Sound Production Setup

Setting up audio recording, switching, and mixing equipment on a production set has required multiple types of equipment and many cables which can be complicated. Chris Hollebone from Merging Technologies described to me at the NAB show a better solution which uses a single type of digital audio network. A digital audio network interconnects the audio capturing, distribution, and production equipment using one type of digital network (Ethernet). Using an Ethernet network allows the system to continue to operate even if a cable is cut or unplugged (automatically reconfigures). Because all the audio inputs share a common network, they can be time synchronized. Networked Audio also allows for remote management using Internet web browsers. This means that production staff can control audio settings and connections from anywhere they can get an data network or Internet connection.

Merging Technologies has created a digital audio network Horus audio I/O device that converts multiple types of audio into standardized digital audio that can be distributed throughout the Revenna IP based network audio system. Using Ravenna technology means it can work with many other IP based audio processing and distribution systems.

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